Personalized Patio

Personalized Patio

July 11

Summer days are perfect opportunities to spend time outside on the patio.  They are after all ideal spaces for grilling, eating and enjoying the cool of the approaching evening.  Creating the perfect patio space begins with material selection.

Brick comes in standard sizes but is anything but boring.  It has a range of red tones, gray, and yellow depending on the clay used to make the bricks and how they were fired.  Basket weave, running bond, and herring bone patterns have variations that make it perfectly detailed for any space.  Brick lends itself well as detailed edges and accents that add extra pizzazz, tying the landscape into surrounding architecture.

Concrete pavers are widely available in a range colors and sizes.  Being a mass-produced manmade product, it is more cost effective than natural products.  Porous pavers are available that allow hardscape surfaces to be installed at homes that are already at or near their allowable impervious.

Pennsylvania Full Color Range Flagstone is what commonly comes to mind when talking about flagstone.  This flagstone includes a range of grays, blues, and browns interlaced together, creating a richly hued patio.  When cut into long, thin pavers, this material takes on a more modern feel.  The range of colors and cuts lends it as a wonderful compliment to many types of buildings, from old stone farmhouses to modern architecture.

These are the most commonly installed patio surfaces but by no means the only options.  Each estate has a unique personality and deserves a unique patio space to call its own.