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Design Tool Kit

March 27

Every design starts with an idea.  Pencil to paper, sketches allow us to rapidly make changes, so...

OUR AWARD WINNING DESIGNERS CREATE native, contemporary, and romantic GARDENS
THROUGH horticultural mastery & innovative design.

Concept to Construction

Concept to Construction

Whether your vision was established long ago or is currently evolving, we’ll lend our experience to your decision-making. Together we explore and build your expectations.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Painting with light adds another dimension to your living composition. Shadow and depth come alive with a thoughtfully designed landscape lighting system.


Philadelphia Flower Show

At the nation’s largest and longest running horticultural event, Stoney Bank Nurseries has created competitive displays as a major exhibitor since 1979. We are proud to have been honored with multiple acknowledgements of our concepts and creations over the past 40 years.