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Best Cut Boughs

December 07

Plants that keep their foliage year-round are the current stars of the landscape!  They create an...

OUR AWARD WINNING DESIGNERS CREATE native, contemporary, and romantic GARDENS
THROUGH horticultural mastery & innovative design.

Concept to Construction

Concept to Construction

Whether your vision was established long ago or is currently evolving, we’ll lend our experience to your decision-making. Together we explore and build your expectations.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Painting with light adds another dimension to your living composition. Shadow and depth come alive with a thoughtfully designed landscape lighting system.


Philadelphia Flower Show

At the nation’s largest and longest running horticultural event, Stoney Bank Nurseries has created competitive displays as a major exhibitor since 1979. We are proud to have been honored with multiple acknowledgements of our concepts and creations over the past 40 years.