What’s a Buddy Bench?

What’s a Buddy Bench?

March 06

A Pennsylvania boy named Christian was looking at schools in Germany, where his family was planning on moving to.  Some of the schools had a Buddy Bench, a bench where kids feeling alone could go to let classmates know they were looking for a friend.  Christian and his family didn’t end up moving to Germany but he liked the idea so much he convinced his school to install a Buddy Bench.  It was a great success!

Buddy Benches are quickly spreading to schools across America.  Here are some tips to have a successful Buddy Bench at your school!

  • Say yes to the first classmate that invites you to join a game.
  • Look around for a game to join while you are sitting on the buddy bench.
  • Two people sitting on the bench should invite each other to play.
  • Only use the bench if you can’t find anyone to play with. Do not use the buddy bench for casual sitting and socializing.
  • Invite someone sitting on the bench to come and play with you.
  • Keep playing with your new friends the next day!

The Buddy Bench featured in our 2019 exhibit at the Philadelphia Flower Show was decorated with help from Mr. Casey’s 3rd grade class at Chatham Park Elementary and will be presented to them after the show.  Thank you to his class for helping us spread this fantastic idea!