Autumn Planting

Autumn Planting

September 02

Autumn is an ideal time to plant trees and shrubs because they can establish themselves before winter arrives and be ready to flourish the following spring.  The warm soil encourages strong root development during a time when trees naturally take their energy from leaves and store it into their root system.  It is best to wait until the heat of summer breaks before planting.  Water all new plantings deeply 2-3 times per week until winter arrives.

Japanese Maple Transplant

Many trees and shrubs can be dug and transplanted in the fall but there are some plants know as ‘Fall Dig Hazards.’  Fall Dig Hazards are trees that suffer severe die back or death through the winter if they are dug in the fall.  Some of these plants include Birches, Hornbeams, Redbuds, Beeches, American Hollies, Crape Myrtles, Southern Magnolias, Black Gum, Oaks, Sassafras, Bald Cypress, Elms, and Zelkova.   These can be safely planted in autumn if the plant is in a container or was dug earlier in the season.

Consider adding woody plant material into the landscape this year in order to get a head start on gardening next spring.  The planting season is not over yet!