Landscape Lighting

The setting of the sun each evening need not signify the time to head indoors. Low voltage landscape lighting provides extended hours of outdoor living time so you can enjoy your landscape in a safe and pleasant atmosphere that only a properly designed lighting system can provide. Experience your landscape with an entirely new perspective, where shadow and depth are realized through a thoughtfully designed landscape lighting system.



Our licensed landscape architects and horticulturalists provide a unique knowledge base and expertise, which equates to a new visual experience within your familiar landscape setting. Our philosophy is to study each project area carefully to identify opportunities and constraints before a single fixture is placed. Architectural details and structures within the landscape are examined in order to provide us with the required understanding of the unique character of your property.


Our deep horticultural knowledge is vital in determining what and how to illuminate the various living components of your landscape. Seasonal characteristics of each tree, shrub, perennial and groundcover are considered during the lighting design process to ensure your landscape will be visually dynamic throughout the year.

At Stoney Bank Nurseries, Inc. we utilize only the highest quality components and state of the art technologies in our low voltage landscape lighting systems. From the finest fixtures constructed of brass, copper and bronze down to the tin-coated copper marine grade wire, every component has been selected and time tested for performance and durability, ensuring your investment will last lifetime.



Recent advancements in the performance and quality of light produced by LED bulbs has allowed us to embrace this technology while maintaining the warm color temperature range of 2700-2900 Kelvin, matching the effect of traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs while consuming a fraction of the electricity.


The results

Landscape Lighting

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